«Smart Buildings»: an open-sourced, blockchain-based, Smart Building IoT hub

«Smart Buildings»: an open-sourced, blockchain-based, Smart Building IoT hub

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Today we want to talk to you about this incredible service that we offer through our Web App. Supervecina’s Smart Community Brain is an open source, block-chain based, data privacy and ownership center by design that creates «Smart Buildings».

It helps neighbors living in a Homeowners Association (HOA) to better manage their building’s energy and water consumption, perform preventive maintenance and thus improve the living conditions of its inhabitants.

What does the Smart Community Brain provide to Homeowner Associations and therefore to the neighbors?

With the Smart Community Brain, Homeowner Associations will be able to provide their neighbors:

1) Smart Energy

Photovoltaic production of the building: measurement and invoicing

Electric car charging: activate, deactivate, control measurement.

Monitoring and optimization of energy consumption.

2) Intelligent water consumption

3) Intelligent maintenance and comfort

Preventive maintenance of the elevator

-Preventive maintenance of the garage doors

-Access to the corridor and the garage without keys

Smart access to shared areas

-Collection of atmospheric data (pollution, contaminants, noise)

4) Intelligent income from common resources

The Homeowners Association owns the tools, resources and data (fair economy), so they decide whether to do so:

Sell photovoltaic energy: town hall (circular economy) or electric vehicles.

-Contribute to the management of the micro network in their neighbourhood

-Renting of free parking spaces

-Sell/give energy/consumption/atmospheric data

-Shared private WiFi with encrypted VPN

-Sell/provide geolocation services (such as FOAM.space) for mobility services or urban planning.

Data and financial sovereignty:

Data is owned by neighbors.

-It is stored and private in the block chain (Ehtereum, IOTA) instead of proprietary IO centres.

-It is open source (GPL-3.0)

-It works in our SaaS Supervecina.com (and can work in yours too).


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Supervecina united in cooperation and digital inclusion

40% of the population in Europe lives in an HOA (Homeowners Association), 67% in countries like Spain, where HOAs represent 3.6% of its GDP.

BIoT (Building IoT) is growing by 20% year-on-year and BIoT combined with AI has the potential to profoundly impact UNICEF’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Supervecina.com helps to manage shared services (billing, elevator maintenance, central heating, cleaning, gardening, construction, etc.) for residential properties, is a Homeowners Association (HOA) SaaS.

We provide Homeowners Association quotes (17,000 to date) and price comparisons. Our user is a «responsible» neighbor who checks accounts/services, wants to improve the well-being of his HOA, and takes action.

Smart Community Brain stores and secures the data in the block chain, without the need for proprietary platforms, we strive to contribute to existing open source specific solutions, rather than the «one solution for all» approach. For example, we contributed to OCPP (Open Point of Charge Protocol) to build our solution for smart neighborhood electric vehicle charging.

Supervecina.com is an easy-to-use web application where Blockchain is «invisible» to the user. For example, community voting is based on the Ethereum but looks like a normal poll. We follow a human-centered design that addresses the needs of the neighbors.

Our integration with third party BIoT software seeks to avoid too many applications to manage your HOA.

Supervecina against COVID-19

Our software contributes to the social effort to «flatten the curve» against Covid-19. With our application Supervecina.com/yaquevas/es we have gathered 3,000 volunteers who run errands for the elderly in their neighborhood, helping them to avoid contagion. We have developed a #block chain contact test for the safety of vulnerable people and volunteers.


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Smart Community Brain is open source (GPL-3.0) you can access the repository here.



For more information visit Supervecina and Supervecina Information