How does Supervecina manage a Homeowners' Association?

Are you the only person who asks for access to the associations’ accounts online, instead of seeing a photocopy once a year? 

Have you returned home and the phone is still broken? 

Why has only one quote been provided for this work?😒

Do you feel that the running of the association could be so much better, and with all the tools available online, why isn’t everything much quicker?🚀

 Everything is easier and faster with our Property Management Service.

Our voting service is available to facilitate decision making in your association. All you have to do is go to  https://vota.supervecina.com 

At Supervecina, we are by your side to organise your meetings in the best possible way, we are specialists in group decision making, you are in good hands.

And what services do we offer in each plan?


From 2,5€ a month per neighbour
  • Annual and Quarterly Accounting
  • No need for us to be your administrators
  • Online Voting
  • Automatic Quotes


From 4,5€ a month per neighbour
  • We manage your Association
  • Annual and Quarterly Accounting
  • Online Voting and Automatic Quotes
  • Document Custody
  • Monitoring of Incidents
  • Virtual Annual Meeting*


From 9€ a month per neighbour
  • All services included in the Practical plan and MORE
  • Monitoring of Works
  • Mediator presence at the Annual Meeting
  • Two Extraordinary Virtual Meetings
  • Quote Development
  • Subsidy and Delinquency Management
  • Legal Queries




Account Management for your Association

Online Voting

Automatic quotes

Construction of an Association


Document Custody


TIB monitoring


Mediator Assistance at Annual Meetings



Monitoring of Incidents


Included in the insurance

Default Payment Scenarios


First case

Assistance at Extraordinary Meetings




Quote Evaluations



Works Follow Ups



Up to 7500€

Subsidy Management


Legal Queries


10 Queries

*Additional Price for Service

Want to know more about our services?

Account Management for a Homeowners' Association

Supervecina.com keeps your accounts up to date and immediately accessible to you. All plans include:

  1. Account documents: balance sheets, overall and owners’ account statements
  2. Account audits
  3. 24-hour access to account information
  4. Preparation of the annual budget
  5. Account updates
  6. Issuing and Collection of monthly instalments (Direct debits)
  7. Payment management
  8. Opening of Accounts
  9. Obtaining an Electionic Certificate
  10. Tax Payments

Additionally, as part of our Practical and Premium plans, we also include a Monthly Fee Reduction Plan. The best options are always at your disposal. 

You can access it online at any time through our WebApp, available to you. You can also request information from your assigned manager at any time. 

Voting in Homeowners' Associations

The online voting service is available to facilitate decision-making within your association. Simply go to  https://vota.supervecina.com

At supervecina.com, we are at your side to organise your meetings in the best possible way, we are specialists in group decision making, you are in good hands.

If you also would like the presence of a specialised mediator, for associations of less than 20 owners, this is priced at 100€. For associations of more than 20 its 150€. 

However, if you choose the premium plan, there will be a mediator in the annual meeting regardless of the number of owners.

Quote Development

Whenever you need it, you can make use of our automatic quotation request and estimation tool. Find work our maintenance estimates for your association by visiting  https://presupuestos.supervecina.com

You will have access to prices and suppliers for more than 100 different types of works! 

And of course, we can also take care of it! By selecting our premium plan, we will be at your disposal to receive the estimates, filter them by their quality guarantee and proven service and can make a proposal so that you can decide as soon as possible, online or in person.

Construction of new Homeowners' Associations

If you are creating a new Homeowners’ Association r if the transfer of an association is proposed by the construction company, we take care of:

  1. The list of impacts of the homes and common areas being delivered to the developer
  2. opening of a current account in the name of the Homeowners’ Association
  3. Registration in the Land Registry
  4. Tax Identification code for the association
  5. Minutes Book
  6. Initial contracting of services and suppliers

Document Custody

With our Administrator plans, we include document management, and we store all the documentation in a way that is accessible to the owners. With all the confidence of SuperVecina.com.

Monitoring the TIB

At Supervecina.com, we take care of detecting the need for an inspector, as well as finding one if the association requests us to do so. We facilitate the process and carry out a follow-up.

Assistance at Board meetings

At Supervecina, we are with you whenever you need us. 

As administrators of your association, with the PRACTICAL plan we include a virtual presence at your Ordinary Board Meeting.

With the PREMIUM plan, we include the assistance of a mediator in the Ordinary Board Meeting to help and guide neighbours in the decision-making process.

Additionally, our PREMIUM plan also includes 2 virtual visits for Extraordinary Board Meetings, for greater peace of mind for the association.

If you would like to have us at more extraordinary meetings, we offer the possibility of hiring our virtual assistance, at a cost of 100€ per meetings. 

Monitoring of incidents

By selectinfg our PRACTICAL plan, we will monitor all incidents, covered by insurance. Similarly, Supervecina offers you the option of contracting a small repairs insurance that saves time and money. 

If the repair is more pressing, our PREMIUM plan includes the follow-up of works and maintenance of up to 7,500€. 

Your manager will assist you by phone or Whatsapp, making sure that the supplier in charge of the repair updates you regularly on the status of the works or maintenance.

Default Payment Scenarios

With our PRACTICAL plan, we manage the first scenario of non-payments in your association. 

However, with our PREMIUM plan, we will carry our an in depth follow up of outstanding debts, in addition to payment requests from collaborating companies with a debt recovery ration without legal proceedings of over 60%.

Legal Queries

What measures can I take if there is an overcharge for building work? Is it legal to record my neighbour with my mobile phone? When can I make a claim?

It is normal for legal doubts to arise within the association, and that is why we at Suepervecina are available for you. With the PRACTICAL plan you can make up to 10 legal queries per year, whilst with the premium plan you can make unlimited.

Subsidy management

Subsidy management is included in the PREMIUM service and can be purchased for 150€ for the other plans. In any plan, a percentage of the final subsidy will also be charged, if it is obtained. 

Also... you have access to the Supervecina WebApp

It is an application that you can use from your phone, computer, or other devices without having to download anything.

  • You will have non-stop access to all your association’s accounts, meetings, contracts, minutes, and invoices
  • You are able to open a file on any problem in your association and check its current state and progress
  • All management of your homeowners’ association can be done through this app

If you join us and become a SuperVecina, access to this app is completely FREE

Watch this video to see how the Supervecina App works

We are just a phone call, or a mouse click away. Additionally, now you can receive an instant price for our property management services for your Homeowners’ Association.

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